Tips for Business Promotional Products
At the beginning of every year most businesses are involved in the planning of their marketing strategies to use in that year. These marketing strategies are vital as they determine the overall business growth. One such important marketing strategy is the use of promotional products. However, most companies have used this method in the past albeit in over-the-top ways that made people shun away from their promotional products. Below are some useful tips on how to utilize promotional products as a company’s advertising strategy in the right way.

What type of products to give away?

A company can offer its loyal customers almost anything as a promotional product. However, it can also consider using some of the most common promotional products that have been used over time successfully. These would include water bottles, calendars, reusable bags for shopping, pens or other writing items and apparels (hats, t-shirts or light jackets).


Most companies and people assume that these promotional products ought to have their respective company logos. However, this was the reasoning used in the advertising and marketing sectors some years back. Currently the most effective way of using promotional products for marketing and advertising is personalization of the promotional products. A company can resolve to use the names of its loyal customers on these products thereby making the customers use them with pride and also refer other people to where they got their personalized promotional products. Alternatively, the company logo can still be used but the name of the customer ought to be prominent.

Using Catchy Slogans on Clothing

If a company settles on using clothing as its promotional products, it should not settle for printing its plain logo on them. The logos could work especially for a company whose brand is loved by many but it could be disastrous to other companies as few people will cherish wearing these logo-bearing clothing. A company can opt to go for catchy slogans that address their company products and services with a humorous twist. An example is “Got Milk?” that was used by the American Dairy Association.

Using promotional products in the right way ensures your company gets handsome returns that are several times over what it spent on these products.